On this page you see the 'its_newsticker' in action.

'its_newsticker' is an open source Typo3 plugin which you can get in TER. This plugin reads the news directly from tt_news, so you can realize a newsticker on your own typo3 webpage in an easy way.

The configuration of this plugin you can be done in the back-end of Typo3.

To setup this plugin with typoscript, please follow example below:

lib.footer < plugin.tx_itsnewsticker_pi1
lib.footer.pidList = 31
lib.footer.border_checkbox= 0
lib.footer.font_family = verdana
lib.footer.font_size = 5
lib.footer.sortingdirection= ascending

For commercial support against charge, please contact ITS Hofmann.

Der neue ITS_Newsticker V2 ist nicht öffentlich erhältlich, Sie können uns aber beauftragen diesen in Ihre Webseite zu integrieren.