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düsseldorfer fashion house focuses on custom software

The renowned düsseldorf fashion house is open year-round and thus independent of the fair schedule. It also provides for the fashion industry an information and order center for trade and industry. Over 200 showrooms, displaying 500 collections in an area covering roughly 34,000 m² offer a through overview of various fashion trends.

The challenge

Suites serve as a supplement to the fully booked showroom spaces, and are available for temporary rental. The suites are available in fashion house at all times for guest presenters for workshops, seminars or fashion shows during the fashion fairs. Longterm rental contracts and a thorough, synergistically appropriate new 'neighbor' company, assure the reputation and continuity of the fashion house. 

In the management of rental properties an accurate and immediate availability of all data is essential. In addition, employees must at all times have access to the same data: from tenant information over lease contracts and their conditions to financial accounting. 

The solution

To manage the large number of rental units efficiently, ITS Hofmann developed a solution to the highest standards of reliability and security in combination with high usability.

The solution is a client/server application, which is based on the Microsoft technology. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use and has a fault-tolerant editing system. The central database allows an easy back-up and guaranteed reliability. The solution includes the following functionality:

  • Multi-user capability
  • Automatic bank collection of the leases (DTAUS/HBCI)
  • Import of incomming leases from DATEV
  • Rent roll analysis
  • Statistics reporting
  • Controlling
  • Form Letter generation

The result: A long-term cooperation   

In addition to a cost-effective implementation the solution from ITS Hofmann offers a better workflow, ensures saving of working time and avoid booking and organizational mistakes.

fashion house relies on the solution from ITS Hofmann. The two partners have no intention to stop such a good cooperation. The management software is in successful operation since 2001, but fashion house and ITS Hofmann work on continuous improvement.