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ITS-Hofmann Case study: Efficient quote creator

The company Omron Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and application expertise. Omron Industrial Automation operates locally in every European country and is dedicated to providing unrivaled automation products and customized expert solutions for any industry.

The challenge

Some years ago there was no standard workflow to create quotes at Omron's  German subsidiary. Each quotation has been individually created using a word processing software. There was no unique template available. Product descriptions have been manually copied from a product database to the document. Customer prices have been calculated manually. Creating an extensive quotation lasted up to 2 hours.

The company realized that this solution was insufficient. It was necessary to ensure that employees were able to produce a quote with less effort.   

The solution

After an extensive process analysis on site ITS Hofmann developed in close cooperation with the customer of a custom software for quote creation.

With the new solution all the information needed for the quote could be automatically retreived from the corresponding databases in IBM Lotus and JD Edwards. Individually designed cover pages were  stored within the application and could be imported at a touch. The final quote has been passed to a word processing software and could be edited if necessary. Even extensive quotes could now be created within 10 minutes.

Key benefits

  • A unique design
  • Automatic import of customer data
  • Automatic import of product descriptions
  • Automatic import of product prices from the database
  • Automatic price determination using customer conditions
  • Maximum time per quote: 10 minutes.